Motivation vs. Drive

When you start something, whether it be a new business, a weight loss journey or pursue some other passion, the first thing that we experience is motivation. As we continue, we tend to continue to fuel ourselves with more and more motivation. When we are feeling like we've hit a stand still and aren't progressing, what do we do? We search for even more motivation.

Whatever journey it is that you're on, you can probably relate to this. I have spent the last 8 years as an entrepreneur, the last two being in network marketing. When you join a network marketing company, you will find that motivation is all around. It is extremely easy to find videos, role models, quotes, etc. to keep you motivated.

So why is it that even when watching motivation video every day, you are not succeeding or getting closer to your goals?

mo·ti·va·tion (noun) the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

It's because the amount of motivation you have is not what determines your success, it's your drive. It is the actions you take to drive yourself forward in the pursuit of your dreams. You could be a part of the most motivational company in the world, surrounded by the most motivated leaders and team members, and it still would not mean that you are going to be successful in your pursuit.

drive (verb) propel or carry along by force in a specified direction.

Drive is likely where your motivation began. You were driven to sign up for your own business, you were driven to get that gym membership, or maybe you were driven to get that paint set to finally teach yourself a hobby you've been wanting to try. Motivation certainly helps individuals set goals, but drive is what helps them achieve their goals.

So when you're feeling like things are a bit stagnant and your progress has halted, work on your drive. Make a plan that will help you achieve what you're motivated to do. Take all the motivation you can get, but don't forget that the magic is in the actions you take, it's in your reason for persevering and what you're going to actually do to make your dreams come true.

Stay motivated, but don't forget to be driven



Hilary Mathias

March 19, 2016