Makeup Through The Decades

Today, there are almost no barriers when it comes to makeup! It is all about self-expression and what feels best for you, which  is pretty dang awesome. In the spirit of that, I decided to duplicate the most iconic makeup trends throughout the decades, starting at the 50's! Here are my looks, what I used and featured techniques for each decade! This was so fun!

BUT FIRST...I want to start off with sharing that THE HAIR was an after thought. I am certainly no hair dresser but I decided to have a little extra fun when going live to do these looks for my awesome community group on Facebook! The good news is, they were makeup tutorials....not hair tutorials :) Okay, carrying on...

THE 50's

The makeup trends during this decade include a heavier, matte foundation (for a flawless TV star complexion), the infamous “cat eye,” the beginning of bright eyeshadows, rosy pink cheeks and of course, a classic red lipstick. This was the age of the movie starlets and they really started to play it up!

In this look, I used:

• Dewy MakeSense Foundation
• Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense
• Denim ShadowSense
• LashExtend in Black for liner
• VolumeIntense Mascara in waterproof/black
• Smoked Topaz ShadowSense in brow
• Cherry BlushSense
• Fly Girl LipSense with Matte Gloss


Flawless Face

  1. MakeSense Foundation is oil free which gives a nice, dewy look without the shine! The coverage is awesome. Stipple it on with a synthetic, FLAT top kabuki foundation brush.
  2. Use Natural Translucid Powder by SeneGence, to "mattify" and create a flawless finish.

THE 60's

Okay, this one was so much fun. I LOVE the trends of the 60's! Fun shapes including more dramatic cat eyes and a cut crease were used to create dimensional and captivating eyes. Earth-tones were quite popular on both the cheeks and on the lips. Red lips kind of took a break and neutral lips were all the rage!

In this look, I used:

• Porcelain MakeSense foundation
• Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense
• Granite ShadowSense
• Snow ShadowSense
• EyeSense liquid liner in starry sky
• VolumeIntense mascara waterproof/black
• 3-in-1 maximizing lash primer
• Smoked topaz ShadowSense in brow
• Terra Cotta BlushSense
• First Love LipSense with matte gloss


Cat Eye Liner

  1. Good News! I've got a step-by-step tutorial for you here!
  2. I recommend using Onyx ShadowSense with a bent liner brush for beginners or EyeSense Liquid Liners for those used to liquids
  3. For an eye that pops, use Snow ShadowSense on the water line

THE 70's

The 70's followed suit with earth tones of the 60's! But, a little more blending and even some bronze contouring came in along with some rust lips! Brows also got a little thicker! Ladies of the seventies were just too cool and I must say this look is one I am going to start rocking on the regular.

In this look, I used:

• Dewy MakeSense Foundation
• Rustic Brown, Cocoa Shimmer, Sandstone Pearl and Snow ShadowSense
• Rustic Brown and Smoked Topaz ShadowSense in Brows
• Bronze and Cherry BlushSense
• EyeSense Black liner pencil
• VolumeIntense mascara in black (waterproof formula)
• Nutmeg and Honey rose LipSense with orchid gloss


Smudgy eye-liner!

Mod, liquid lined eyes stayed in the 60's and were replaced with brown tones and some smudge!

For this look, I used EyeSense Eye Pencil in Black but the Black-brown version would have looked great too! This liner allows you to go right into the waterline! Not only does it apply smoothly but it will actually stay there which is a huge bonus.

  1. Line water and lash line on top and bottom with EyeSense liner mechanical pencil.
  2. Using a small eyeshadow brush or a liner smudger, gently rub back and forth to smudge.

THE 80's

COLOR! Ladies of the 80's (well, and honestly men too) had some GUTS and they had fun when it came to style, from huge, dramatic hair to bright and bold eyeshadows. Everything in this era emanated vivid colors! Concealer and foundation were brought back (60's and 70's went for a more natural face). Bright orange and pink cheeks took the stage along with endless shades of bright shadows. The brighter, the better in the 80's. I also took a lesson from Madonna and let my brows be a little wild! Not gonna lie... I totally felt like a badass in this look.

In this look, I used:

• Dewy MakeSense foundation
• Pink Berry BlushSense
• Smoked Topaz ShadowSense and Rustic Brown ShadowSense in brow
• Eyes: Pink Berry and Cherry BlushSense and Lava Shimmer ShadowSense
• EyeSense pencil in Black
• Be Mine LipSense with Orchid Gloss


Bright, Vibrant Eyes.

  1. Choose your favorite, bright ShadowSense Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Shade OR BlushSense (super blend-able and makes great shadow!)
  2. Using a nice, tapered, fluffy shadow brush, blend from lid to brow! Start at the lid and work up for a more dense color on the lid and lash line
  3. For extra fun, take a second complimentary color and blend into the outside corners and under the eye.
  4. For a true 80's inspired look, don't be shy with filling the whole lid with color!

THE 90's

Sigh...we were a little lost in the 90's! We grabbed a little bit of everything from all of the previous decades' trends and tried to mix them all together. In the 90's we saw foundation a shade too light, shadow very much too bright, lined brown lips and thin brows were all the rage. This was definitely a THROWBACK for me being born in the 80's, and it was a fun look to do, but let's just say I'm glad we're out of the 90's :)

In this look, I used:

• MakeSense Foundation in Porcelain with a bit of Dewy mixed in.
• BlushSense in Toasted Rose
• Candlelight ShadowSense over lid and to cover some brow
• Pink Opal Shimmer ShadowSense top to bottom lid
• VolumeIntense Mascara, Black, waterproof formula
-• Berry LinerSense, Hazelnut LipSense, Beige Champagne LipSense and Glossy Gloss!


Lined Lips

  1. Use a shade of LinerSense that is deeper than the LipSense color you're going to fill in with. Use the small brush to trace alone the outermost edge of the lip.
  2. Fill in with a lighter shade of LipSense Long-Lasting Lip Color.
  3. Top with your favorite LipSense Gloss

THE EARLY 2000's

In the early 2000's we were still kind of in love with the 90s. Brows remained thin but shimmers dominated along with the grand entrance of colored liner! There just really wasn't a gloss frosty enough for us either! Frosted lips and shimmery, smokey eyes were a staple!

In this look, I used:

• Dewy MakeSense foundation
• Pink Posey ShadowSense for blush
• Candlelight ShadowSense as base
• Moca Java shimmer and Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense
• Seafoam Shimmer ShadowSense as liner
• Rustic Brown ShadowSense in brow
• VolumeIntense Mascara in black (wp formula)
• Neutral LinerSense
• Beige Champagne & Fire Opal LipSense with Glossy Gloss

Finished with signature 2000’s duck lips 👄( I no longer have a Juicy Velour suit in my closet - sorry)


Colored Liner - theres really not a big secret here, but here are two options!

  1. Choose your favorite, bright ShadowSense Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Shade and use a bent liner brush to line the entire eye!
  2. Use EyeSense Liner Pencil in Navy or Golden Shimmer for a fun, color lined eye


Eyebrows on fleek, contouring, smokey, sultry eyes and matte lips are all the rage but really, so many looks are "in"! It's truly all about self expression! The most popular look in mainstream media right now, tends to be a contoured, sculpted and well-highlighted look!

In this look, I used:

• Dewy MakeSense foundation
• Deep Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer for contour
Bronze Dust Translucid Powder
• Pearlizer for Highlight
• Candlelight ShadowSense, Pink Posey ShadowSense, Onyx ShadowSense, Copper Rose Shimmer ShadowSense
• Rustic Brown and Smoked Topaz ShadowSense in brow
• 3-in-1 Maximizing Primer and VolumeIntense Mascara in black (wp formula)
• Nude Pink LipSense with Glossy Gloss


Contouring made simple!

  1. Choose your contouring product. In this look, I used SeneGence Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Deep. You could also use a deeper shade of concealer, ShadowSense in Moca Java, or a MakeSense Foundation in a couple shades deeper than your usual.
  2. Using an angled contour brush, use gentle and light strokes along your hairline, under your cheekbones, and if you wish, along the sides of your nose.
  3. Always be sure to BLEND! Nobody like severe lines or a "dirty" look and my key to preventing those is to go back in and blend with your foundation brush to soften your contour.

What do you think?

Comment below with the decade you like best or with the technique you're going to try next!

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Hilary Mathias

June 12, 2019