LipSense - What the hype is all about

To sum this up simply; LipSense is everything you wish that lipstick were. Here's what makes it oh so magical:

It Actually Stays & Will Not Smear

So long to false smear-proof promises. When I say this stays, it actually does. It will not come off on your loved one's cheeks, your wine glass or even your cheeseburger. Even the darkest colors! I know, I know, I tried every lip color out there too. Trust me, THIS stays.

That Long Lasting Life

4-18 hours? That's quite a gap, right? In my experience and my customer's experience, most people get 6-18 hours of wear which, lets be honest, is a Godsend. Those who are habitual lip-lickers, hot drink addicts or are super oily will be the ones who experience a few hours of wear instead of a full day but for them, even that is miraculous! I personally can wear my color to bed, wake up, add some of the gloss and be good to go the rest of the morning!

Bye-Bye Bleeding

LipSense, unlike lipstick, stays exactly where you apply it. This means it will not travel up, out or around. It also means that it stays off of our chins and teeth, which I'm sure everyone will appreciate.

No smear, no bleed, not even transfer onto the gloss wand!
It is Actually GOOD for your Lips

First off, LipSense has no wax and no lead! Both extremely unhealthy ingredients found in most other lip products! LipSense is a two part system. First you choose your color and apply it in 3 thin layers. The color itself does not have any moisture value, but the gloss that you put on top does! The gloss is necessary to set the color and deliver yummy shea butter and vitamin E to your lips. The result after continuous use is super moisturized, healthy, plump lips. Don't like glossy shine? Don't worry! There are over 10 different gloss options to choose from including glitter, matter, pearl, opal & even a gloss with crushed diamonds!

So Many Options

With over 50 LipSense colors that you can even layer, the color possibilities are endless. With even just two colors, you can make 9 different color combinations. Combine that with the 10+ gloss/top coat options there are and your lips are truly a fashion statement all on their own.

But Wait! Someone said LipSense Burns!?

About that..please don't worry! Only some first-time users will experience the "stingle" and those who experience it likely have dry lips and are probably chapstick/wax wearers. The stingle comes from the SD40 Alcohol that is in there to prevent the growth of bacteria (Thank you!) and also is what helps deposit the color onto your lips. This ingredient is not harmful to your lips or health and is not the same thing as rubbing alcohol. It dissipates after being on your lips for a moment and does not stay on your lips. Relief is immediately felt when the LipSense gloss is applied and with continued use, it will heal the users lips to the point that they will no longer feel this sensation. Tip for healing dry lips: STAY AWAY FROM WAX! It actually KEEPS MOISTURE OUT OF YOUR LIPS, which is why you find yourself wanting to reapply constantly. Instead, you can wear the LipSense gloss on it's own or try LipSense balm ( it is nicknamed Liquid Gold and will change your life).

"Okay, Where Do I Get LipSense?"

I knew you'd want to try it! LipSense is 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. You can try it at no risk and if you are dissatisfied, you can get a refund or exchange for another product. You can purchase it HERE. Don't forget that you will need to purchase the LipSense gloss, otherwise the color on it's own will not work (or feel good). I strongly suggest ordering the following for first time users: 1 LipSense Color of your choice, 1 Glossy Gloss (the most moisturizing and will give the longest lasting results) and 1 ooops! Remover which will remove your color gently with vitamins and minerals when you want to.

Here is a glance at some of the incredible colors available and the gloss options:

Available LipSense Colors
Available LipSense Glosses. They set the color, provide moisture and can change up the look of your favorite LipSense shades.


Hilary Mathias

December 14, 2017